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I, just like you, want to be great at what I do. We look around at all the information and help available but in 2 seconds flat, we're overwhelmed. Yet every day, there you are. You are the one thing you can count on. What if the secret to being your best is locked within you? I believe it is...and you have the key.

I know what pieces you need and how they fit together to unlock your genius...the one aspect of yourself you can always count on. So what I do is provide the permission, the path and the process to discover, develop and deliver your God-given genius.

What is the Connect To Your Genius Process?

Connecting to your genius begins with discovering your God-given genius. All of us are put here to get a job done, so to speak. You'll connect to the calling that is uniquely yours: that person you're supposed to be / thing you're supposed to do 'when you grow up'. Then it's about developing your genius in ways that partner with your natural style, strengths, skills and savvy. Finally, we uncover the most ideal, simple and practical ways for you to deliver your genius to the world. Most importantly, you'll access the path with a proven process, liberate an essential aspect of yourself you can always count on: your genius!

Here are the 10 steps in the Connect To Your Genius Process:

1.    On a Clear Day...
Clearly picture your life and what you see for your future. Discern what is really true for you when you imagine your genius unleashed!

2.    Clue Into You:
Grasp those foundational values your best self is built upon. Craft your contract with life so you always know what pieces of your personal puzzle must be be in place for you to do and be what you were built for.

3.    What Makes You Tick?
Discover and then use the ways you prefer to show up in the world to launch you forward into unlimited energy for your life.

4.    Play To Your Strengths
Unpack the insights offered by Marcus Buckingham's Now Discover Your Strengths process. We look at what you're wired you came from the to speak.

5.    Answer Your Call
When passion, ability and joy collide there is a rich field of fertile ways your genius wants to show up in the world. You'll learn things you didn't know you knew about you!

6.    Fire Up Your Faith
Uncover your gifts and see what role they play in the bigger scheme of things both at home and at work. "That thing you do" is key part of the divine plan.

7.    Fly Solo
Unlock fail-proof formulas for success based on your personal tapestry of genius. We unlock what gets and keeps you in abundant, accessible energy for life and learn what to do if you forget, for a moment, who you are.

8.    Feed Your Soul
Master your 'personal operating system' requirements. Establish and create routines that get and keep the energy of ‘YES!’ in your driver's seat. 

9.    Connect Your Dots
Leverage your most powerful, helpful and hopeful past learnings so they continue to positively impact your life today. We'll bring them forward into full partnership with your genius!

10Free Up Your Style
Ski the black diamond slopes of your dream! You've been trained to listen and learn how your genius has been uniquely crafted just for you. Where is God calling you to deliver your genius? Step into your destiny!

Who are your clients, exactly?

I work with life-long learners who are invested in doing more of what they were put on this planet to do. They want to leave it a better place and slide into Home at the end of their life saying, "Whew! What a ride!"

They share these traits:

~ Willingly think new thoughts and learn new things.
~ Smart, self-aware and enjoy change.
~ Realize the value of having outside help and embrace partnerships.
~ Offer a 'can-do' attitude about bringing their best self to the world.

What are the results?

You will experience confidence, clarity, and a life-changing, life-long connection to your genius.

This program is customized to you, individually. Here are some results my clients have experienced:

~ A scratch baker, young at age 17 and inexperienced, learned to trust herself in following a path of chef school, waiting tables, managing a bakery and finally, at age 26, to opening her own bakery...her unique brand of nurture-the-world--by-feeding-the-people genius.
Erin Reynolds,

~ An air traffic controller, believing he is called to help keep the public safe, wanted to create a retirement plan ahead of time. He explored his path and found that his process helped him create an electrical business that will allow for more time with family and honoring his values. His genius allows him to meet the public's electrical needs in a safe manner at reasonable rates.
Pat Ryan,

~ A coach for working moms, soon to be a mom herself, explored the genius that allows her to be a gifted coach as well as allows her to shift to a new calling, motherhood. Her genius remains the same, but the new ways and places it shows up are all in a new place now...waiting for her bundle of joy to arrive!
Amber Rosenberg,

What are the benefits?

I have coached hundreds of people, many who are taking a ‘big gulp’… be it running a classroom, a business, a family, a ministry or a busy life…and finding their unique place in God’s big design. You can expect to:

~Locate and then leverage the experiences in your life toward leaving a legacy based on your genius.

~Discern and delight in the uniqueness that your current and future callings will have in common.

~Learn how to discover, develop and deliver your genius in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

~Hone in on exactly what has gotten in your way to keep you from living from your genius.

~Make effective choices and decisions with Spirit-led ease and clarity.

~Get clear about your life’s vision.

~Learn the intricacies of the ‘life contract’ you’ve been given.

~More flexibility in dealing with both yourself and others.

~Know, clearly, the what, the when and the how of your strengths.

~Craft new dreams based on what you love and what you’re good at.

~Explore your Spirit gifts, style and passion.

~Write amazing success formulas for any life adventure!

~Establish life-giving routines and environments that bring out your best.

~Learn how you learn in your unique way of seeing the world.

~Find your freestyle rhythm for facing life with your brand of God’s genius!

What are your coaching programs like?

There are 3 different options to choose from, depending on how quickly you want to connect to your genius and see results, how much time you choose to work with me directly, and based on budget.

Platinum Program
- A 6 hour kick-off day as your Welcome To Your Genius Day (a $1200 value)
- 40 individually tailored 75 minute in-person Coaching sessions (a $10,000 value)
- 10, 10-minute check-In/accountability calls as needed; may also be bundled
- Unlimited email support (with less than 24 hour reply barring weekends, vacations and holidays) on all your ‘projects’ for the length of the contract
- Access to me via phone for brief connections between sessions on specific projects or questions
- You may also take the Goal’s Gym at no charge (a $1400 value)
- ‘Invitation Only’ opportunity to participate in the Advanced Live Like You Mean It! Group Coaching program for free (a $1200 value) for the length of your one-on-one coaching. 
- Guidance and coaching in creating your personal Genius Plan
- Situational coaching- (role play)
- Ready-to-use templates
- Highly recommended resources

Want to jumpstart your genius fast? The Platinum Program was created for you!
This is my most popular program and creates outstanding results, quickly.
Since this is a full year program, you may use the coaching sessions in any way that serves you best. The recommended scheduling is at least 3 sessions per month.

QuickFire Program

- A 90 minute kick-off call as your first Welcome To Your Genius Call
- 20 Individually Tailored 30 Minute Coaching Calls
- Email support on specific projects
- Guidance and coaching in creating your personal Genius Plan
- Ready-to-use templates
- Highly recommended resources

The QuickFire program is for results-oriented individuals who want to learn more quickly than they could on their own, implement changes easily and connect with their genius, while leveraging that genius more than they do now. This is a 6-month program so you may use the coaching sessions in any way that serves you best. The recommended scheduling is at least 3 calls per month.

Connect To Your Genius™ Goals Gym

Connect To Your Genius™ Goals Gym is something I created to help those who wanted to discover, develop and deliver their genius, and get support, encouragement, and direction from me, and others.

This program is an 11-week supportive and encouraging “telephone classroom” where we cover all 10 steps of the Connect To Your Genius Process™ as a supportive group of 6-12 to help you leverage your genius, locate your place in the big scheme of things, and take your personal and professional life to the next level.

- weekly 60 minute class calls
- weekly 60 minute mastermind calls
- weekly call recordings
- weekly actions sheets, exercises and resources.

**PLUS** – you receive 10, 15-minute 1:1 laser coaching calls scheduled weekly; and 2, 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls scheduled at your convenience during the Goals Gym!

There is a powerful group energy that is created during the Connect To Your Genius Goals Gym that truly accelerates your personal and professional growth.

Now what?
So, which of these three options do you think suits you best?
And, if you were to do this, when would you ideally want to start?

Give me a call at 913-706-7053 or email me at [email protected] and we'll get going!

OK, I'm ready to do this for myself and I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Absolutely! I look forward to connecting!
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